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In the following, it is attempted to depict a few types of symptoms that people experience.
“Symptoms” refers to both “effects” as well as “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at the same time.

Mind control through neurostimulation

Control and manipulation of thoughts, emotions, and behavior

  • Control of thoughts and thought patterns, emotions and expression of these, behavioral control, creation of addiction problems (e.g., gambling, alcoholism) to generate antipathy within a group of people (dissolution).

  • Gang stalking (also with the help of bystanders – wrong place at the wrong time), producing negative emotions, creating an illusion of “guilt”.

  • Hypnotic “trigger words” that lead to specific perceptions, emotions, or behavior.

  • Monitoring attention, including what you look at and what (and how) you think about it.

  • Reading thoughts in real time before you are aware of it; deleting thoughts and memories, problems with short-term memory and thinking ability.

  • Induced memories and “synthetic” associations or dissociations (generated by a computer that knows the connection). Symptom of absentmindedness caused by this.

  • Losing touch with reality by combining three memories/pieces of knowledge into new ones (dissociation).

  • Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams (controlling dreams).

  • In recruitment: Instilling alternative thought processes for leading conversations (instead of thinking in complete sentences, it is attempted to teach the targeted person to think of complete “actual situations” (meaning of the sentence). This enables fewer “emissions”, making it more difficult for other secret services to discover).

Social Control

Isolation of the individual through social and societal control systems

  • Creating a kompromat (falsifying proof and spreading rumors). Sudden unemployment or loss of personal status.

  • Elevating the stress level by influencing the meeting schedule (personal and professional).

  • Losing friends as a result of rumors or direct control. The perpetrators act within the circle of friends and social life of the targeted person. They are manipulative and generate hostile feelings as well as conflict situations among friends.

  • Creating “symptoms” of a disease (voices in the subconscious, absentmindedness) leads to people seeking psychiatric treatment.

  • Creating “symptoms” of headaches, memory loss, difficulty with speech or logical thought, destroying the targeted person’s reputation.

  • Creating “symptoms” of dementia, leading to noticeable difficulties in expressing one’s own thoughts and feelings, memory problems if the “episodes” are severe. Creating a “reversible! fake dementia”.

  • Change in motor skills (gait, misalignment, facial expressions, gestures, twitches, smaller movements). Absolute control of a person cannot be achieved through neurostimulation with antenna stations, since a person’s own will can partially suppress the influencing measures. Nearly complete control requires an implant or a helmet that strengthens signals and stimulates brain tissue in such a way that it can override the own processes. Such helmets are already being used by some soldiers today. These helmets make it possible to attain full control over a soldier in a worst-case scenario and to block their perceptions.


  • Monitoring of thoughts. The thoughts of the targeted person, as well as individuals in their environment, can be read in real time. (Integration into the system requires a longer period of observation. The longer a person is observed, the more precisely an artificial intelligence can interpret processes within a brain/organism.)

  • Seeing through the eyes of a targeted person and individuals in their environment. The knowledge of where a target person is steering their attention.

  • Live monitoring. The targeted person can be followed at any time, in real time.

  • Gang stalkers/undercover agents let the targeted person know that they are under observation and cannot escape. They can come and insult the target person or say something that only the targeted person will recognize, as an indication of “remote reading of thoughts” in real time.

Physical torture

  • Pain in different body parts or organs

  • Poor circulation

  • Inflammations

  • Swelling in the endocrine glands or in the limbic system

  • Tissue irritation

  • Torn muscle fibers and tendons

  • Electric shocks in the brain (only the sensation – the brain cannot feel pain!)

  • Respiratory distress

  • Bleeding mucous membrane

  • Cardiac arrhythmia/changes in pulse – accompanying respiratory distress

  • Overproduction/underproduction of the body’s own messenger substances and hormones

  • Glazed eyes that lead to tears and redness

  • “Rape” while asleep or awake

  • Creating diseases or pathological changes

  • Deprivation of stimuli

Psychological torture

  • Synthetic telepathy. The attackers (human or artificial intelligence) speak with some of the victims for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for years. They use interrogation techniques that only secret services use. This is also called voice to the head (V2K) or loud synthetic telepathy. An educational computer with a synthetic voice that can be modulated in any pitch can partially or fully take over after the initial phase. This keeps the victims awake and constantly tired.

  • Silent synthetic telepathy. The victim does not hear the attacker, but thought manipulation is taking place that draws the attention of the TI (targeted individual).

  • Sounds and voices are not only created in the targeted individual’s mind, but also in the victim’s environment (car horns, audio spotlight, microwave hearing, loudspeakers).

Psychological pain

  • Bullying at work, sudden loss of friends and family, leading to isolation.

  • “Attackers” and “manipulators” spread different types of rumors among people in the neighborhood.

  • Gang stalking/street theater (crowds turn up and insult the individual, or follow or circle them at a safe distance, holding steady eye contact). With 20 or more strategically placed persons, e.g., to stare at a targeted individual with a hate-filled look. Sometimes it seems as if they are following a scheme, and when the action has reached a certain level, it is reset and restarted later.

  • Following the thoughts of the targeted individual. Monitoring thoughts is felt to be degrading.

  • Perpetrators enter the apartment and steal, move, or destroy objects. It often appears as if they enter the apartment with a key because the doors and locks are not damaged.

Complete lack of support

  • When the target person encounters health professionals, they are not interested in what the TI tells them. The symptoms are treated the “old fashioned” way.

  • TIs are often forced to take the wrong medication and must sometimes agree to stigmatizing “labels” in order to receive their pension or unemployment benefits.

  • In some countries, the TI is forced into a psychiatric ward, where they encounter a complete loss of human rights.

  • Blacklisting often leads to the TI’s inability to find work, or they are forced to accept a job they are highly overqualified for. In the new job, the TI is constantly subjected to harassment and bullying.

  • The police are involved in this harassment.

  • The media ignore the TI’s situation.

Other symptoms

  • Strange coincidences occur all the time, several times a day.

  • The TI can “tap into” what will be shown on television in the near future, depending on topics they are interested in – insertion of thoughts.

  • “What you think about will come true.” – perpetrators make it come true.

  • Things that were defective or inoperative are restored by the perpetrators (repaired defective light switch).

Who are affected?

Electronic influencing as well as gang stalking has taken place in Europe, the USA, Canada, and a few emerging nations for many years.

Those affected may be politically active, whistle blowers, people who work in political or economic sectors, but also people who live rather average lives.
Many of those who have been harmed are neither connected to politics nor any other relevant areas. They are completely normal citizens.

Unconscious human control

One version is unconscious control of human thought, emotions, and behavior. In this case, the affected person is unaware of an external influence.
This form is difficult to recognize, especially if the person has no knowledge of the technology of consciousness control. One indication can be an uncertain, diffuse sensation that occupies their consciousness for a while. The affected person cannot find a reason for this.

Unconscious mind control carries the risk that the TI is abused to carry out serious crimes, even homicides. These types of people “kidnapped” against their will are called Manchurian candidates.

People can be radicalized through “divine visions”.


We are in a war in which we cannot recognize who our friends are and who our enemies are. I ask all people who visit my website not to let anyone influence them too strongly (not even me!). Do not let anyone – in whatever way – lead you to perform any deeds that you do not want to.

If you do not know how to react to a certain situation, then ask yourself how you would have reacted a few years ago.

We are all being controlled by powerful interest groups that dictate what we should believe in. Do not let them rope you into their objectives!