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What should you do?

- Do not let yourself be isolated!

- Stay away from sects, religious communities, and all types of gurus! Fight for yourself and your fellow human beings and refrain from praying to a delusion to make everything better! This is desired to suggest to your spirit that it is contributing to healing the world! (Free yourself from belief, but be strong in spirit!)

- Test the perpetrators and the voice computer! Nothing is worse to a recurrent network (artificial, neuronal network that most closely resembles a human brain) than false entries. Tell it absolute gibberish and frayed sentences for 5–10 minutes. Merge several sentences in terms of content to create gobbledygook and pretend as if everything made sense. Afterwards, ask whether everything is correct and whether the perpetrators have understood everything. Also ask for advice and suggestions for improvement, and whether Google has found results on this. (I greatly enjoyed this until the perpetrators muted the voice computer!)

- File a complaint with the police – they will have to process this complaint! You do not need to undergo a psychological evaluation, even if it is recommended to you. (The administrative apparatus is uninformed!) You can also use your state’s online watch to comfortably enter the processes in daily or weekly reports on your PC. Some people will advise you only to file complaints with the public prosecutor’s office. However, part of the public prosecutor’s office is also involved in this terror. Please give everything to the police, and they will pass on the complaint to the relevant department.

- Inform the parliamentary control committee (Parlamentarische Kontrollgremium, PKGr) of existing breaches of the law by the investigating authorities.

- Apply for a victim’s pension as soon as possible if you are being impaired by the investigating authorities (you are!).

- File an application to inspect the records at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (template).

- Doctors: are obligated to start a treatment that is suitable for the described problems of the help-seeking person to their best knowledge and ability. Since the targeted individual is in a special psychological situation, medicinal treatment can also be recommended. Every person may decide for themselves whether they want to take medication. Medication may only be administered against a person’s will if danger to one’s own life or the life of others is present.

- Go public! According to official sources, your case is classified information! The public may not be informed of secret service work! Create one or several websites with which you present the working methods and techniques!

- Distribute the information available on my website! If 1% of the population finds out about these working methods, then the public will turn against the criminal structures of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (similar to storming the Stasi headquarters in Dresden after a Monday demonstration). According to sources, it should suffice if 100 affected people make a statement under oath confirming that they have been harmed through the applied technology. I have three Google AdWords campaigns that I pay for every day. It would be great if you could also spread the word on this subject.

- Resist in accordance with Article 20 of the Constitution:

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority is derived from the people. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive, and judicial bodies.

(3) The legislature shall be bound by the constitutional order, the executive and the judiciary by law and justice.

(4) All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.


- Put up resistance in accordance with the naturally given right to resist.


We live in a modern slave society in which the population’s rights are so detached from the people that they barely exist. If artificial intelligence is paid to determine our thoughts and actions, if we lose the rights over our own body, then we have reached the point at which everyone must revolt against the state, to reconstruct the constitutional state.

If you as a targeted individual (like me) are confronted with years of terror through the secret services without legal intervention after an appropriate time, then you are obligated, for the good of the remaining population, to do everything in your power to restore order.


- Get advice from your legal protection insurer and see whether they will take your case. (If you take out legal protection insurance after the corrupting measures have already begun, it will initially not cover the costs. Only after having legal protection insurance for one year will some insurers take on cases that started before concluding the contract.) Secret service “manipulation” often takes several years. Legal protection insurance partly also protects you from active intimidation measures.

- Build financial reserves.

- Installing cameras or motion sensors does no good. Save your money, as the perpetrators will disrupt the technology in crucial moments. If you still want to try surveillance technology, please just do so within your own home. If you observe the public sphere, this will affect you negatively in the long run.

- It is not your fault! If you have fallen victim to disintegration activities, then the perpetrators are trying to discredit you and make you harmless. From the start of the manipulation activity, you are a victim! Please do not let the perpetrators persuade you to commit crimes, as they will surely attempt to do! Secret services often make mistakes in their targeted individuals, but since they do not like to admit mistakes, they search for a possibility of covering up their own mistakes, or justifying them, or misusing you for political objectives.

- Generate publicity: We are dealing with secret services. Nothing is more harmful to a secret service than information leaked to the outside world! The more people know of these occurrences, the higher the likelihood that the scandal will be uncovered. I ask you, dear affected people: Do not let yourselves be herded together in closed forums like www.mind-control-news.de! There, you are under control – do not fool yourself into thinking you could achieve something there. Build your own website! There are plenty of providers that allow you to create a website with a building block system that does not require any technical background knowledge. Tear yourselves away from the secret services that control you through their websites; ignore emails that merely sell nonsense.

I can say the same about the TOR network. Fight for the people where they can see it! Not in a honeypot network that only a minority uses!

Note: Mind-control technology (neurostimulation) is dangerous technology! In practice, the crime (usually hearing voices) is treated with medication as a result of an incorrect diagnosis. In some cases, the affected patients “forget” that they heard voices. This is not just caused by the medication, but also the application possibilities of this technology!

If you file a complaint with the police and the parliamentary control committee, the necessary supervisory authorities are informed.

Due to the danger of this technology and the accompanying severe breach of the law, these crimes are subject to the duty of disclosure and must be reported by any citizen with knowledge of these offenses.


Duty of disclosure refers to a provision of the German Criminal Code (StGB) that includes the obligation to report certain crimes. According to § 138 StGB, individuals who have believable knowledge of the plan or execution of treason, murder, manslaughter, theft, and kidnapping, or a crime that endangers the public, can be penalized if they do not report this. This knowledge must be acquired at a time at which preventing the crime is possible. If the individual fails to notify the authority or the person in danger in time, this person can be penalized with a prison sentence (up to five years) or a fine.


Do not let them dismiss you! Your claim must (according to the law) be processed by a police station!

Affected persons can expect compensation through the investigating authorities.

An extract from the crime victims’ compensation law regarding the refusal of a victim’s pension:

“Even if the applicant has not contributed sufficiently to the clarification of the matter, particularly if they did not immediately report the offense, compensation can be refused.”