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On classical mind control and the development of advanced technologies

It is difficult to acquire a clear overview of area of mind control. A little subdivision helps to gain a better overview of the situation.
First, there is the classic area, which includes brainwashing, stimuli, drugs, and psychosurgery. Advanced methods consist of the use of electromagnetic waves and implants.

Brainwashing has a long tradition in Germany. This ranges from Third Reich propaganda to first research programs using concentration camp prisoners in which people were dehumanized, as they are today, to conduct dark research.

Parts of the population serve our secret services as guinea pigs for gaining new insights that will give our country a strategic advantage over other countries. They do not shy away from legalizing these crimes by all possible means or producing disease symptoms to sell medical products. Today, an artificial intelligence is already working on imposing a “little ailment” on nearly every person with the aid of neurostimulation. For the individual, this may not be particularly serious or noticeable, but this strengthens the pharmaceutical industry complex as a whole. Fortunately, our health system contributions are based on the number of diseases in need of treatment.

Chronic pain? (cause unknown) → implant for neurostimulation

Tinnitus? (cause unknown) → sell one or several medical products

Swollen nasal mucous membrane? → respiratory problems → sell nasal spray

Poor circulation? → fear of heart failure? → unnecessary purchase of cardiotonic medication

Schizophrenia and paranoia? (cause unknown!) -> The classic secret service activity for life-long medication consumption!

Brainwashing, sensory deprivation, drugs, and psychosurgery

Classic mind control consists of behavior-influencing methods that mainly use psychological and psychiatric findings and have been researched and applied for 60 years: brainwashing, sensory deprivation, drugs, and psychosurgery. Most of these methods are tailored to the treatment of individual persons.

All drugs (legal or illegal), including various medications, have the ability to influence the person who is taking these substances.

This can lead to desired and undesired effects. For example, while pain medication fights pain, it also causes dependence, hard stool, or even shortens the lifespan due to organ damage. Or cannabis, which calms and subdues the user, but also causes them to forget parts of their bad memories and emotions.

Particularly the government benefits of cannabis should be mentioned here. An interest group that wants to implement its objectives which attack the government monopoly (e.g., surveillance) is easily robbed of its energy for its work by leading it into a situation of dependence in a targeted way (over a longer period of time). After years of consumption, cannabis impairs performance as well as obliterating emotions and memories from the consumer’s mind. This results in a decrease of work morality towards the earlier set goal.

Advanced mind control refers to those methods of behavioral influencing that mainly use findings from neuropsychology and physics and have been researched and applied for 40 years. Most of these methods are tailored towards manipulating individuals as well as groups of people.

And you will discover that this does not merely constitute the research of a few ruthless scientists, but that these methods of mind control are already in use: now, here, in Germany, and on you!


Do you consume cannabis? Consider the following!

Within a secret service network, everyone knows who produces drugs, where these are produced, and who deals them. However, only a few of these are occasionally arrested, “for show”, to let the public think that they are fighting the problem! Sales routes, producers, and wholesalers often remain stable for decades.

Thoughts are free: Brainwashing

During the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, the US military claimed that US soldiers who were captured by the North Koreans were systematically subjected to brainwashing with the aim of converting them to communism. This claim turned out to be a lie, but it gave the US military grounds to conduct their own brainwashing research.
In respective studies from 1952 onwards in the USA, and also in Germany from the 1960s, effective brainwashing methods were developed. The goal of brainwashing lies in eradicating existing ideas or identities and implanting a new identity. Human experiments in the USA and Germany showed that brainwashing must take place in an artificial and severely restricted environment:

- separate the person from the outside world, no contact with family or friends;

- accommodate them in a fixed, small environment;

- only allow them enough sleep, sustenance, and hygiene as is necessary for survival;

- remove stimuli by prohibiting all contact to the outside world;

- no rest or relaxation, hard discipline, and constant observation;

- cause insecurities through rumors, informers, or false accusations.

Once a person is worn down by this treatment, the actual brainwashing begins by means of hours of interrogation over weeks, months, or years. During this interrogation, the awareness of one’s own person and other things is frayed and dissolved, in order to then be refilled with new information. Brainwashing has been and is still practically applied in interrogation techniques of American and British terrorist hunters, for example. It should be noted that some US torture victims reported hearing “voices”. This occurred in the form of enemy voices, with the purpose of further degradation, or as friendly figures, to gain new knowledge after or during the torture.

Psychosurgery and electroconvulsive technology

In contrast to the laborious and lengthy brainwashing processes, psychosurgery and electroconvulsive technology manipulate the brain directly. Psychosurgery refers to the surgical destruction of brain tissue, with the objective of altering a person’s thoughts, behavior, subjective perception, or identity. One of the founders of psychosurgery, American psychiatrist Walter Freeman, describes the goals of psychosurgery without embellishment: “Psychosurgery achieves its success by shattering fantasy, dulling emotions, destroying abstract thought, and creating a robot-like, controllable individual.” This, Freeman continues, could switch off disturbing behavior. Since the beginnings of psychosurgery in the 1930s, a series of standard methods of operative mutilation of the brain has been developed. These are still used today in a modified form (e.g., fake dementia by depositing defective protein structures in the respective area of the brain. Small strokes [internal bleeding] can impair the function of a brain area.)

I would like to note that the term “fake dementia” is misleading, since the symptoms correspond to those of real dementia. However, this false type of dementia can be reversed using various methods.

Frontal lobotomy is notorious. This involves destroying cerebral matter by inserting a surgical device into the brain through the thin structure that separates the eyes from the brain and performing rotating movements. Frontal lobotomy and other methods of psychosurgery share one common factor: They are based on a presumed direct connection between brain damage and behavioral problems. This is used as the reasoning behind destroying assumedly defective brain matter. Psychosurgery has been applied to suppress aggression in prison inmates, to curb racial unrest, and to rehabilitate juvenile offenders.

Electroconvulsive treatment involves altering a person’s thoughts, behavior, subjective perception, or identity by means of destroying brain tissue through electric shocks in the brain. To do so, electrodes are attached to the temples or just one side of the head, and electric shocks are guided through these into the brain. These shocks are given several times a week until the desired effect has been achieved.
Like psychosurgery, electroconvulsive technology has been and is being used by the military, in detention centers, and in human experiments on mind control. Since World War II, the US navy has even developed a procedure called Blitz Electroshock Therapy (B.E.S.T.) to make recalcitrant soldiers compliant again: “From a purely empirical perspective, we can determine that the common electroshock treatment, used in the morning and evening on two consecutive days, worked real wonders. It turned defiant soldiers into calm, obedient, cooperative, and often overall improved individuals.”

Classic mind control in Germany

In Germany, research and application of classic mind control has not reached the dimensions of those in the USA, but we also cannot say we are living in a promised land devoid of such activities. In the 1960s, human brainwashing experiments were verifiably conducted in Germany.
At the University of Hamburg, an entire clinical behavioral research laboratory was set up for the purpose of brainwashing research. Psychosurgery has been researched in Germany since the end of the 1960s. In the 1970s, Germany belonged to the 15 countries in the world that conducted psychosurgery research. Electroconvulsive technology, some psychiatrists suggested, should be used to reintegrate the mentally ill into the capitalist work process.

But that is not all: In a book published in 1989 on state and military use of psychological research results to influence behavior, four countries are named in which state brainwashing programs are conducted: the USA, the USSR, South Africa, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Brainwashing programs in Germany? Oh yes! The detention conditions were characterized by solitary confinement, a prohibition of communication, isolation from the outside world, constant control and monitoring of all expressions of life, as well as strictly regulated daily routines.
Examinations of these conditions of detention carried out by German and international doctors, lawyers, and psychologists concluded that these are cases of governmental mind control: “As we now know, the detention conditions of the RAF are a component of a scientific program that has been developed since the 1950s under the term of ‘brainwashing’”.

Twitching at the push of a button: Electromagnetic-wave manipulation

Electromagnetic waves can generate a feeling of warmth in people. But these waves are not the same as those produced by a normal microwave in the kitchen. Electromagnetic waves can also evoke sound perception and behavioral changes in people.
This effect can excellently be utilized for mind control: Depending on the wave length, frequency, and duration, electromagnetic waves possess a different information value for human cells. Through an interaction between the waves and the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, thoughts and actions can be influenced. In the meantime, a large number of studies are available that illustrate the diverse options of how humans can be manipulated with electromagnetic waves:

- attention, perception;
- motor skills;
- memory;
- consumption habits;
- sensation of pain;
- day-night rhythm;
- language, word choice, and vocabulary;
- psychopathological symptoms.

This means that crucial areas of human action are susceptible to influencing. However, this influencing alone is not yet sufficient to move people towards set behaviors in a targeted way. Direct controlling usually occurs through messages with information value. This is also possible with electromagnetic waves!

Acoustic commands through microwaves

In 1962, Allan H. Frey from Cornell University in New York reported the remarkable discovery that humans are capable of hearing microwaves. While the microwave perception was initially limited to sounds, it now no longer presents a problem to directly send language into a person’s consciousness via microwaves: The possibility of directly communicating with people opens up obvious application options. Starting in the 1970s, Allan D. Frey as well as other scientists continued researching microwave hearing on the US military’s dime to gauge the obvious application possibilities mentioned in the above quote in their entirety.

Research programs on advanced mind control

Since the end of the 1950s, various US military and secret service research programs have worked on developing the use of microwaves for the purpose of mind control. The respective programs focus on the damage of bodily functions, influencing the behavior of individual persons, and influencing the behavior of larger groups of the population.
The objective of these programs was clearly stated in a US Air Force research memorandum from 1996: “The possibilities of electromagnetic fields include dealing with terrorists, crowd control, security of military facilities, and anti-personnel technology. Due to numerous parameters (of electromagnetic waves), very specific effects can be produced. This potential for diversity enables an extraordinary range of fields of application for the user.”
Neurologist M.A. Persinger made an even clearer statement on the state of electromagnetic mind control research in an essay from 1995: “According to the most recent findings, the human brain contains fundamental algorithms that are transformed into brain-specific codes with any stimulus. Directly influencing these algorithms in the human brain through electromagnetic fields requires energy levels that do lie within the common area of technological applications. Thorough knowledge of these fields allows for direct access to nearly all complex neurocognitive processes that are connected to the human self, consciousness, experiences, as well as memory.” Persinger acknowledges nothing other than the possibility of directly controlling human behavior via electromagnetic waves.

Advanced mind control in Germany

Even in the Federal Republic of Germany, research is being conducted on the use of electromagnetic waves to control behavior. In the 1960s, German scientists joined forces with US Air Force researchers to work on this subject. Military research probably only exists to a limited extent in Germany, unless the Federal Armed Forces possess secret research facilities and enough money. Instead, the rulers continue to use research results from the USA: The US Ministry of Defense sent CD-Rs with data on electromagnetic influencing of people to a few selected recipients around the world in 1996. One of these recipients was the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
It should also be noted that such behavioral analysis technologies are used in stressful situations.

Remote controls for humans: Implants / nanotechnology / biochips

Another way of influencing people lies in directly transmitting information between a person and a transmission or reception station.
The respective technologies are called biotelemetry. Biotelemetry also includes implants, tiny devices that are inserted into a human body. These send this person’s data to an external recipient and are also able to receive messages from an externally located transmission point. In some countries, implants and mini-transmitters are already being tested on prisoners or pets in official government programs under the keyword “monitoring”, for example in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Similar programs exist in Germany.

Implants can be inserted at nearly any point in the human nervous system, even the brain. Once the implant has grown together with the nervous system, “subjects (humans) can be monitored for 24 hours, and their behavior can be even better controlled through electronic procedures. This makes it possible to exercise nearly full control over people without direct contact.”
Not much has changed in the use of implants as described by criminologists Ingraham and Smith in the 1970s, except that the implants have shrunk to the size of a pinhead with microchip technology. According to Ingraham and Smith, implants achieve their effect in two different ways: For one, by blocking certain reactions via signals triggered through the implants: fear, disorientation, inhibition, or unconsciousness. The second way is by conditioning certain behaviors via unpleasant stimuli triggered through the implants. Additionally, implants can influence cell bonds in such a way that they display hyper- or hypofunction.
With such a subtle exertion of influence on our body’s functionality, it is hardly surprising that secret services let undesired individuals die through organ failure. “Apparently, Chavez was killed at the USA’s initiative with the help of a special nanoweapon that can trigger different diseases such as a heart attack, disruption of blood circulation to the brain, respiratory arrest, and mental illnesses.” – (de.sputniknews.com).


Crowd control

Uprisings and revolutions have always been necessary for social progress, but are also unwanted by the respective rulers for understandable reasons. Therefore, rulers are currently equipping themselves with so-called non-lethal weapons to be able to use these against their own people in a worst-case scenario.
Alarmed by relevant expert articles in the USA, the European Parliament had a working paper drawn up in 1998 on these weapons, titled “Evaluation of Technologies for Political Control”. In the same year, the US Air Force’s Institute for National Security published a reference list of non-lethal weapons. In combination, both of these documents offer a startling insight into today’s weapons chamber of civil democracies:

- acoustic weapons such as acoustic radiation, acoustic missiles, and painful noise;

- optical weapons such as light grenades or pain through blinding;

- biotechnical weapons such as stink grenades or grenades with fragrances that simultaneously attract released swarms of aggressive insects;

- holograms that scare people to death or simulate large armed groups;

- physiological weapons such as impulse noise or overstimulation; and

- crowd control weapons such as gas grenades or flamethrowers.

All of these weapons are not intended primarily for war, but instead to fight uprisings and revolutions in the own country! The working paper by the European Parliament explicitly says so.

Mind control – an attack on your freedom

Simply the fact that all of the technologies described are available in Germany threatens your personal freedom. An indication of lack of freedom can always be found in the secret service’s interference in existing political and economic circumstances. Who would guess that this technology would be used unhinge our democracy?
As long as these conditions exist, human freedom will be in peril. We must stand up to this threat!