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At this point, I would like to present documents, but these would probably land me in jail immediately.

In the 1960s, it was discovered in the USA that other signals were also being transported along the phone lines. Investigations indicated that these signals stemmed from the heartbeat of the person on the phone. Of course, the potential of such a discovery was immediately recognized, and research continued.

By further developing sensors, it was now also possible to read out other body signals. But since the data flow increased with the refinement of the sensors, a filter was necessary to screen out the interfering signals at different points. Today, these filters are built into all common devices in order to remove weak signals or interfering signals before or after data transmission. These filters can partly be deactivated or readjusted if necessary. The CIA project “Stargate” (alluding to the illumination of a frayed fiber optic cable) then conducted research on the application areas of remote viewing, in part together with Uri Geller, and, with the help of high-performance computers – and today artificial intelligence –, developed an all-encompassing surveillance system for all electromagnetic emissions. These emissions are monitored by our intelligence services.

(The TV show Stargate is about a small team that travels to other worlds (countries) through the “star gate” to acquire new technologies (espionage) and to trade. The Stargate teams also want to learn about other cultures, since all information can be used at a later point.)

Electromagnetic emissions include: biosignals, seismic activity, illumination activity, keyboard activity, car key signals, the ignition spark of an electric lighter, insects.

These can be read out and located in a target area by comparing the signals of nearby sensors (e.g., antennas).

Of course, these sensor data can also be synchronized with power consumption in an area, e.g., not only to determine whether a TV is running, but also which program. Or whether a targeted individual is showering (flow heater) or how much hot water they are using (boiler).

The possibilities are nearly infinite, since the sensors (antennas) are also transmission devices that can radiate signals (“neurostimulation”).

Since transmission devices (antennas) are capable of stimulating cell bonds through certain pulsed signals in certain frequency areas, it is possible for our intelligence agencies to influence living organisms.

It is also possible to make objects oscillate through electromagnetic emissions, generating complex sounds (comparable to the humming of old floor lamps).

Frequently, the argument is presented that the used antenna stations have a radiation level that is too low to influence the body or objects in any way. I can assure advocates of this theory that the level can be increased considerably if required. It is also technically possible to synchronize several antenna stations to achieve effects that they could not even remotely reach on their own.

As is usually the case, many developments had military purposes. Accordingly, this system was designed in such a powerful way that it could also be used as a weapons system.

It is possible for our intelligence services (e.g., through signal overlap) to disrupt radio communication, influence organisms in their activity, stimulate intestinal flora, and create headaches (e.g., by letting small blood vessels on the scalp pulsate.) It is also possible to influence a living creature’s heartbeat by giving an electric impulse (external, transmitted via antenna stations) before or after the actual heartbeat, causing the heart to lose its rhythm. Furthermore, it is possible to copy intercepted radio signals, like the signal of a car key, to open a targeted individual’s car.

It is also possible to influence the mental world of targeted individuals, e.g., by stimulating nerve paths in a targeted way. Consider that a decision you make usually varies depending on whether or not you smile. Neurostimulation makes it easy to influence your facial expressions and gestures. Simply disrupting the body’s own energy field through alternating fields of low-frequency radiation already leads to considerable discomfort. This effect is comparable to a lightning strike that impacts the nervous system of nearby persons. There are also experiments that are conducted on frogs with school classes. Here, a long wire is held to a leg nerve of a – still fresh – frog. At some distance, a spark is produced through a spark generator. Despite the distance (this may even measure several meters), without a direct connection, one can clearly observe the frog’s leg twitch!

(Remote control [movements] experiments can also be found in the area of sleepwalking. People under remote control walk similarly to a drunk person, since the movements are externally controlled, and the equilibrium organ adjusts the compensatory movements at a delay. People who have been the subjects of such experiments report an unusual experience in which the legs walk without having to exert any influence on them. In a waking state, however, it is possible to resist this steering. But with the newest implants in the area of neurostimulation, this is hardly possible these days.)

At this point, I would like to summarize what secret services can already affect with electromagnetic waves from antenna stations:

tinnitus, a roaring noise in the ears (blood flow to generate noise), control of stomach/intestinal musculature (noise generation), respiratory activity through swelling and subsiding of the nasal mucous membrane [air flow] noise generation, brain performance, blood pressure, pain, pain sensation, inflammation (also chronic), digestion, eye activity and focus, sense of smell, sense of taste, facial expressions, gestures, gait, writing, physical misalignment, sleeping activity, dreams, thoughts, feelings, tissue growth, blood circulation through body parts and organs, lymph, immune system.

You should be able to deduce the consequences of this: controlling the choice of partner, birth/miscarriages, diseases, organ failure, a destroyed self-image ...

The intelligence service’s task:

Monitoring electromagnetic, acoustic, and other emissions, and interfering with these, as well as with any type of apparatuses that evoke such emissions, and to acquire and provide information that is gained from such emissions or with such apparatuses.

Furthermore, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution undertakes security examinations on different levels for relevant professions, partly through the described technology.


Artificial intelligence and supercomputers:

Unfortunately, the flood of data that our intelligence services analyze is so massive that even the most up-to-date hardware and software (AI) quickly reaches its limits. Therefore, the newest processors designed for use with artificial intelligence are capable of evaluating information, not treating all data the same, but preferring some data in the calculation using certain specifications. Information with lower priority therefore drops out of the calculation.

Put simply: The newest processors can estimate and make assumptions, which are then presented as the result! The flood of data thereby never allows for a result that was calculated with all available data!

Of course, this opens up unimagined possibilities for manipulating artificial intelligence, since secret services can generate a completely different result by prioritizing a few sets of information. However, this requires in-depth knowledge of the structure of the processors used.

We should therefore never blindly trust an artificial intelligence, even though it can utilize enormous computing power!

Caution: Should you discover that an artificial intelligence is evaluating you, it is of crucial importance to feed it with false data that sounds coherent. The recurrent neural network behind it is thereby overwhelmed and unhinged, so that the secret service must resort to the considerably more expensive method of surveillance through their own employees. Retreat (when you are alone) into a fantasy world and continually tell the artificial intelligence invented stories. And most importantly: This will help you keep you keep your sense of humor, since secret service processing can otherwise quickly lead you to become suicidal, which is in part a desired effect.


Network nodes: I can say the following on intercepting network nodes. Within a network node, which lies between fiber optic cables, it is possible to read out signals that run across traditional (copper) cable connections from a distance through fine sensors. Furthermore, it is possible to read out the induced electromagnetic fields at the local signal transmitters that convert light signals into traditional electromagnetic signals.

Weak point radio masts: Not every antenna station is connected to a respective fiber optic cable, which is why signals are often also transmitted to a different antenna station via directional radio – without encryption. This results in many possibilities of reading unencrypted data.

Encryption: On the topic of quickly transmitting encrypted, volatile data electronically, I can say that data are divided, separately encrypted, and transmitted via various channels (cable, satellite, radio, etc.), and then separately decrypted and reassembled.


Why neurostimulation?

- Conditioning society to micromovements, behavior, and reactions to stimuli

- Resilience research and development of resilience

- Influencing decision-making (democracy/business/choice of partner)

- Affecting bodily functions (persecution/sports/fertility/sickness)

- Creating diseases (e.g., cancer, diabetes, neurodermatitis) to harm a company or to smuggle in spies or to sell medical products (Bemer mat/products to help tinnitus, antipsychotics, implants, etc.), moving money to partner services via the pharmaceutical industry complex.

- Producing encapsulated brain tumors and simultaneous threats against selected persons to stimulate their growth if they refuse to collaborate.

- Collaborating with and supporting the pharmaceutical industry (health insurance contributions are adapted to the number of diseases in need of treatment!) and other industrial sectors such as the automobile industry (all German manufacturers), gambling halls, the security industry, the surveillance industry, Siemens (artificial intelligence), etc.

- Strategic weakening of medium-sized companies (disintegration of successors) in preparation for taking over the company

- Supporting own industrial sectors such as prostitution, drug trade, cybercrime, private investigators, debt collection, surveillance industry, esoterism, religious communities/sects

- Generating a belief in the supernatural, occult, and aliens... – don’t exist! ;)

- Supporting organized crime (theft of luxury goods such as large German cars that are then sold in other countries. The targeted individuals then usually buy a similar model made in Germany. Rumors can also be spread about who the car thieves are (e.g., Russian mafia -> to conjure up the image of an enemy). (The German mafia is specialized in art theft)

- Creating extremism (e.g., right/left) to deter and discredit moderate tendencies

- Creating pop-up trends for controlling opinions and influencing

- Collaboration with the games and movie industry

- Creating kompromats and situations of dependence such as the creation of pedophiles, gambling addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, resulting in susceptibility to blackmail of influential people and economic powers as well as grounds for monitoring families on several levels

- Generating belief and ideology. (An ideologized person does not need to be paid, as they are acting out of conviction)

- Collaboration with other secret services (the Vatican also has/is a secret service...) [belief/imparting values as a harbinger of territorial expansion]

- Creating own structures (alternative cures, orders of druids/shamans, varied types of societies, esoteric things)

- Creating symbolism (the dragon does not sleep)

- Selling luxury goods at inflated prices (secret services know the customers)

- Producing a situation of financial dependence

- Threats and bodily injury as leverage: “We will make your teeth fall out if you don’t give in.” (Neurostimulation makes it possible without physically attacking the targeted individual.)

- Artists and music as the spearhead of own interests in other countries (text and image...)

- Influencing attitudes towards life by influencing taste in music (subtext, melody, and rhythm)

- Creating the conception of an enemy. (War preparation is in progress, so a wave of recruitment can be observed in all secret service areas (cannon fodder) as well as the military and police)

- Committing murder (e.g., Corelli) (by means of strokes, diabetic shock/coma, myocardial infarction...). I would like to illustrate how a targeted individual can be killed by a stroke through neurostimulation. It is important to know that, in contrast to the extremities, there are no capillaries in the brain that connect arteries and veins. The dissolved nutrients as well as oxygen must get past the blood-brain barrier through a thin membrane (tight junctions). Through stimulation with GSM frequencies, this membrane is widely opened in the targeted individual. Furthermore, neurostimulation speeds up the heart rate with various pulsed signals and constricts the arteries, which in turn leads to considerably raised blood pressure. This lets the blood shoot through the blood-brain barrier and can damage it. The targeted individual immediately realizes how the secret service kills people, since they can clearly sense the blood through a dull hum in their own ears and strong pressure on the eardrum. But nothing can help them in that moment.

Bleeding in internal organs and the mucous membranes is also possible with the same procedure!

- Expanding the fiber optic and radio network (antenna stations are weapons systems that can also be used for targeted killing. For this reason, they are often mounted on civil buildings, as these will be destroyed if a war breaks out. When civilian casualties occur, the attacking nation is accused of war crimes, even though the own government (Germany) has these weapons systems intentionally erected on civil buildings with the aim of deterring. This produces an increased dislike of the attackers.)

Frequencies: Only those who deal with this technology know which cell bond reacts in what way to which frequency.

Remember: There is no crime that our European secret service network cannot solve. Even after several months. It is therefore hardly surprising that organized crime is controlled by our secret services.



Many of the introduced measures aim to enlist the person who has come under pressure or faces dependence in order to misuse them for their own purposes (legal or illegal).

Consider that recruiting a certain person requires observing them for a long period of time to determine whether this person is suited for the recruiting service in terms of their lived values. It is therefore easy to understand that an adjustment or manipulation of a person may already take place during this observation period.

Recruitment should always be rejected, since there is no way of returning from the world of secret services. People who have signed a confidentiality agreement will never again have a personal life (constant surveillance). Additionally, people who are dissatisfied with the working methods face immense pressure, since rebellion within a secret service (or its private/criminal structures) is not tolerable.

Targeted individuals should also never let someone blackmail them into signing or participating, no matter how long the perpetrators terrorize them! Some people let themselves be incorporated into criminal structures (organized crime) simply due to the psychological pressure they are subject to.

From a sales perspective, this should be viewed in the following way: The worse the targeted individual’s starting position upon entering the negotiation is, the lower the costs that must be paid to the new employee. At the same time, if you have more leverage on the targeted individual, you have better chances of nipping a rebellion in the bud.

Those who break the rule of silence in the legal structures will lose their pension, may not be able to pay off their building loan, or even land in jail. Such forms of pressure manage to enforce permanent breaches of the law and decisions that one’s own conscience opposes. (Source: Employee at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution)

I would like to ask you to consider that police, military, and secret service employees are often also subject to impairment of consciousness on certain levels. This is hardly noticeable in a normal conversation, but it reveals itself when a conversation partner cannot intellectually comprehend certain subjects. A frequently used method lies in acutely blocking thoughts in critical situations (memory gaps). Blocking certain areas over years may also take place, but this may be renewed if required, since the human brain is constantly changing (also amnesia/partial amnesia).

However, if a secret service is searching for information in these areas, they can be reactivated. Through increased neuronal activity and breaking down blocking, defective protein structures, a connection to the isolated brain areas can be established. When a secret service reverses such fake dementia, this occurs at a speed that allows the targeted individual to realize the restrictions they have been living with within a few months.

Those affected by impairment of consciousness are not aware of this, since the brain does not know it has been partially restricted in its functionality. People with impaired consciousness often lead a simple, controlled life.

A large part of the population of our industrial nation lives in a state that can be viewed as restricted. This prevents people from striving for personal success, since restricted persons know that they cannot achieve something, but without any awareness of their actual potential.

Many freshly recruited employees have said: “I used to be blind, but now I can see!”

But employees may not remember that they experienced an impairment of consciousness (brainwashing/re-education/conditioning) beforehand.

However, restructuring the brain (e.g., to produce obedience, deference to authority, or other specializations) can also result in restrictions in other areas (e.g., orientation, memory of people).

Civil servants are more frequently robbed of rights to their brain than normal (inconspicuous) citizens.


High intelligence: Germany as an industrial nation is a location classified with “high intelligence”. Considering the circumstances that it is difficult for private, independent secret services to establish themselves, we can assume that the “intelligence” is organized by the government in all areas.

Be aware that criminal structures must always be incorporated into the area of “high intelligence”, because such a classification is otherwise not possible!


Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Neuländer Straße 60, 01129 Dresden: Since it is suggested to targeted individuals that they are guilty of some type of crime, police activity/investigations are often referred to in order to keep the targeted person quiet for a longer period of time. Interestingly, the State Office of Criminal Investigation Saxony (Landeskriminalamt Sachsen, LKA) can be found at the same address (Neuländer Straße 60). In a personal conversation with an employee of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, who thought I was an IT employee, he told me in the following wording: “We (the Office for the Protection of the Constitution) also have a few police officers, but they play more of a minor role.”

This leads to strong doubts on a separation of the services and rather shows how connected different national and international services still are. Especially since they use the same spy networks.

Statements like this confirm what I have observed in different people in that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution creates kompromats and lets the criminal offices manipulate these to silence undesired elements of society or to make them susceptible to blackmail.

Example: If you help us with the investigation, make a witness statement, then we will drop the charges against you!



Always remember: Brussels is known as the city of agents.