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I would like to note that I do not intend to pointlessly occupy your time, but I do want to keep you from forgetting the knowledge gained here in the near future.


If you would like to, you can have a closer look at the following topics:


- Read the books by Andreas Schlüter (also suitable for your children):


- Read the Harry Potter books and look for Hogwarts and real schools (e.g., the Academy for the Protection of the Constitution, Federal Academy of Public Administration, etc.)

Remember that magic is the following: technology, knowledge, willpower, and fantasy.


- Take a closer look at the "matrix":

Consider the following: The real matrix consists of computer programs created by humans that were designed for surveillance and acquisition of information. Through development and research, it is possible today to condition a society to display various behaviors and influence these in their lifestyle.

Rethink the following: Due to the complexity, it is only possible to assign computers the task of monitoring all emissions. (The internet that you can access with your device comprises not even 5% of the available data flow that must be processed. [Iceberg model])

Remember that the iceberg possesses a fixed structure (protocols), consists of two levels (visible and invisible part), and floats in an unstructured medium (free of protocols). Now you can view the ocean and have understood the dimensions of the internet.

And these computers that monitor the internet as you now understand it are also the ones that implement the desired direction in which a society is conditioned to function (economic growth). Only few individuals are able to access their algorithms and hardware.

Now the question: Do we control the matrix, or does it control us? Will an artificial intelligence recommend the next world war, because it calculates a pre-emptive strike to be the strategy with the smallest risk? How long will it take until the new slave society cements itself in its structure?


- Look at the topic of time loops and how secret services use these.

Incorporate the following:

- Knowledge is sold as something new after 10 years. (Bulletproof T-shirts have already existed for 20 years.)

- Approximately every seven years, any person switches their field of interest.

- Already more than 20 years ago, groups of people demonstrated against the influencing effects of mobile radiation and other electromagnetic emissions, since these lie in frequency ranges that have a direct effect on organisms.

- Memories of events can be altered to give a targeted person a different past to believe in.

- Secret services can reconstruct events from the brains of involved persons that occurred decades ago. In this way, they also discover information on the person’s attitude towards the respective event, since every person remembers it in a different way. Different events can also be connected to a new one.

(Imagine there is an image of your brain’s neuronal structure in a database. Then it is not hard to imagine an artificial intelligence using this image to gain information. Cartography devices are available in any larger hospital and are used for purposes of diagnosis.)


Search for information and connect it to the knowledge you have acquired:

- What percentage of our brain do we use?

- Multi-tasking and schizophrenia

- Shielding in foreign countries of soldiers and agents

- Mental visual imagery and transfer of meaning (holograms before the inner – the third – eye)

Tip: If you assume that all of your thoughts from the past years are stored and an image of your brain is deposited in a database, then it should be understandable to communicate by transmitting individual images and meanings of past events.

AI sends images; you know what to do.

No complete instructions will be transmitted, but you will be reminded of actions that you already know. (rigger)


Search for the following topics:

- Rule through fear, resilience and its application possibilities.

While doing so, listen to the song “Spieler” by the band OOMPH!.

Connect the song you just listened to with the following terms: prostitution, rape, pedophilia, mafia (organized crime), susceptibility to blackmail, dependence.


- Search for the tip of the pyramid of the illuminated and look out for levels of knowledge.


- Write an essay (like in school) on the following topics:

Slaves of technology, misinformation, why are secrets being kept from the population.

Use information from my website and other sources you come across in your research.

Define the term democracy and compare it with your essay.


Extra assignment:

Explain the following joke to an arbitrary person:

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution prevents the development of a dictatorship.